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Surplus Equipment Page

Prospective purchasers are invited to browse Birchcliff's available surplus equipment by clicking on the listings below, which contain information such as equipment type, size, current asking price and location. As the available information per item varies significantly, not all records and data have been posted. If a prospective purchaser is seeking further details, or wishes to make an offer on a specific item(s), please contact Birchcliff’s surplus equipment representatives via email at or submit a query through the online form associated with the listing.

Birchcliff may have additional surplus equipment available that is not yet listed, such as line heaters, separators, generators and compressors. If a prospective purchaser is seeking certain equipment that is not listed on this page, they may send a request to the email above with details of their particular requirements.

Birchcliff requests that no marketing materials be sent to the surplus equipment email address.

Terms and Conditions

All equipment is being sold on an "as is, where is" basis and Birchcliff will not be providing any representation, warranty or guarantee with respect to any equipment. Prospective purchasers will be responsible for making their own independent investigation, analysis, evaluation and inspection of the equipment. All listed prices are negotiable and Birchcliff reserves the right to refuse any and all offers and to terminate discussions with any prospective purchaser at any time. No agreement for the purchase and sale of any equipment will be deemed to exist unless and until a definitive agreement in writing has been executed by the parties. Brokers are welcome to make offers on behalf of a client; however, Birchcliff will not enter into any exclusive brokerage agreement.

Surplus Equipment: